Thursday, November 5, 2009

Where should I begin?

I missed writing. I want to write but I'm not sure what kind of entry should I write?

There are lot of ideas in my mind but it is hard to get it translated into words.


I miss the old days where I can stay up late until morning, draft, write and post as many entry as I want in just one night.

I should begin, now! But where should I begin?


faradiba anuar said...

pwetty fawa fatihah should be your inspiration.

give her a call and tell her you're taking her out,
to an unplanned destination,
do random things together,
say random words,
sing random songs and play catch me if you can.

pastu balik dari deting tu sah sah banyaaak gile inspiration nak menulis.

tak caye?
pegi try weekend ni.
book fawa fatihah now.
gdluck! ;)

Shamimi said...

Tulis jew bro.
Start dr tgh2 pn xpe.
Janji ko dh mengorak langkah utk menulis blk.
Klu tak start, mn nk th kn?

Byeti said...

hurm keep writing. miss ur nice and fun stories!

sourplum said...

jae. nk keje besh2 satu