Sunday, March 23, 2008

Thank You My Friends

Thank you Alyaa for your lunch treat where I spend the whole afternoon gossiping with you about so many things.
Thank you Fraces, Nyamuk, Soleha, Leman, Mena, Illi, Adhil, Nipi, Mel, Lily, Ijat, Afiqah, Ain, Ajan, Topeq, Bnk, Ajim, Zatie, Fara, Nabil, Alaud, Echa, Que, Kissha, Azmi, Teeno & Adzlan for the SMS that you guys send to me wishing all the good things for my birthday and my future.
Thank you Ena, Alyaa, Mel, Locky, Leman, Max, Ajan, Yuyu & Ijat for celebrating my birthday at KFC.
Thank you Ajan & Yuyu for the birthday card that you guys give me.
You guys have done so many things just to make me happy.
Thank you for making my 22nd birthday such a wonderful day to be remembered for the rest of my life.
Thank you my friends.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Again, My Heart Kaput

I hope you don't mind if I told you my plan for today.
I'm going out with my boyfriend this afternoon.
How about you?

Yeah. Again, my heart kaput.
Do you guys know what is the meaning of kaput?
It means broken! Broken heart?
Yups. My heart broke once again when I received the above SMS.
Yesterday, I was so happy to receive a gift from you.
But today, my heart kaput again.
I've no idea how to handle this kind of situation.
I've tried to be strong but I think deep inside my heart, I'm very weak.
I feel like I want to run away to the sky?
But, I can't.
I feel like I want to just enter my dream with need to face this unfair world!
But, I can't.
God, help me.
God, what should I do now..?

Friday, March 21, 2008


Anak kecil, thank you for your post!
Pintu kecemasan, thank you for your post too!
You guys make me feel like crying when I read your guys post.
I appreciate our 10 years of friendship so much.
I miss 1999.
I miss 2000.
I miss 2001.
I miss 2002.
I miss 2003 the most.
I miss my alma mater, the place where we met 10 years ago.
Guys, I'm crying now! Gosh~
You guys are good friends that can never be replaced by others.

A Meaningful Birthday Message

I got this wonderful and meaningful birthday message from her just now.

Hey, the clock at my house has already shown 12 o'clock.
May Allah bless you as always.
Hopefully you will find your soulmate that is suitable with you this year.
Hopefully you will live in happily ever after and become a successful engineer.
Sorry, I thought to call you but I'm afraid that I'll disturb your brother and nephew.

Thank you my dear for such a wonderful and meaningful birthday message.
I really hope that Allah will bless my 22nd birthday.
I pray to God everyday that I can be with you one day.
Hopefully He will listen to me.
Anyway, again, thank you for your birthday wish my dear!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Life? Hishamuddin Rais-A Malaysian Original Rebel

Reading a post from fahaman anak kecil's blog, I'm fully attracted and fascinated of what he's trying to say about our daily life. In this boring, dull and mind-numbing daily life, we only follow some sort of cycle that have been practiced by other human being for a long time ago, back to the time of Adam and Eve. What we do in our boring, dull and mind-numbing daily life? We wake up early in the morning. Prepare ourselves to go to class or work. Coming back late in the evening, very tired. Trying to make something different in our life by having some sort of party, or maybe go to the bar, or maybe go for holidays.

But what else did we do? Have we ever thought to do something beyond our leeway and ability?

From my point of view, we need to live our life to the fullest in order to escape doing the same things in this fucking boring daily life. We need to do something that deep inside our heart we never thought that we could possibly do it. We need to voice out what's inside our heart. We need to believe in ourselves. We need to fight for our chance and we need to live life to the fullest!

Talking about live life to the fullest; the made-in-Malaysia rebel, Hishamuddin Rais did very well where I think he is one of a few people that manage to live his life to the fullest without any regret.

In his life, Hishamuddin had fled the country and was remain exile for nearly 20 years. During this period of time, he managed to study French Language at University Catholic of Leuven la Neuve in 1984 and study Arts at Brixton College London. He also found time to get a degree in film and video from University of Westminster, London in 1992.

He was only allowed to come back to Malaysia in 1994 when Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim was the Deputy Minister. Upon his return he settled down to a life of a freelance writer, and a director where he directed a film called Dari Jemapoh ke Manchestee.

Then, in the year 2001, he was arrested under the Internal Security Act (ISA) where he was accused to masterminding the demonstrations in Kuala Lumpur during the Reformasi period.

Among the famous and wise words by Hishamuddin Rais are:
"In life, there is only one take, unlike the movies where you can have several takes until you are satisfied with what you want."
"One should not carry any baggage in one's life. It is very heavy - literally and spiritually."
"I have no regrets in my life. I wish I could have some regrets but I don't.'

Looking back at all his experiences, definitely Hishamuddin Rais has lived his life to the fullest. I salute you, Hishamuddin Rais!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

You Are Worth It for Me to Wait

The whole you are worth it for me to wait.
The kind heart that you have.
Your love and passion in taking care your parents.
The brain that you have.
Your beauty, inside and outside.
You come in a complete package my dear!
That's the reason why I fall in love with.
I thank God that I have been given a chance to meet a girl like you.
It feels like your dream comes true.
You are my inspiration.
You bring the happiness in my life.
I hope I can do something for you rather than only writing this blog.
But, I hope you like it this way because this is the least that I could do to show my appreciation towards you.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Letters to You

I dedicate this song to you. I hope you enjoy the music. Cheer up and smile always!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Why grown up are so complicated?

Last night, around 7.23 pm, i got a SMS from my friend.
"Why grown up are so complicated?"
A SMS which makes me think and ponder about it.
For me, as time flies away and we grown up; people around us also grown up.
People around us that actually don't change eventually change due to some reasons.
Each and everything around us also change.
Sometimes without us notice about it.
When we were small kids, everyone is our friends.
There was no such thing as a stranger.
If we got mad with our friends, it was only for 5 seconds then the madness gone.
But when we grown up, our friends which i refer as good friends become a few.
It is not because we are to dumb to get a friend.
It is just because our relationships need to be built on the trust basis which makes things become more complicated.
For me, it is one of a reason why grown up are so complicated.
Your guys opinion?

Friday, March 14, 2008

What is the time now?

I've already put a clock from - Free Flash World Clock at the top right of my blog where you can get a precise time for Kuala Lumpur. So, from now on, when you guys are viewing my blog, there is no such question as "What is the time now?" coming into your mind. I hope you guys will spend your time wisely when visiting my blog. I really appreciate the time that you guys spend viewing and reading my blog. Cheers!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Blood Donation @ Dewan Filharmonik PETRONAS

The picture shows Gadafi and I filling up the blood donation form.

Later, I manage to donate my type O blood. This is the first time I donate my blood and I'm so glad that I've done something good today. Special thanks to Safwan who encourage me to do so. Anyway, it is quite interesting to donate your blood because you can save life with the blood that you donate. You guys should donate your blood too!

Cute Little Boy Hadif

His name is Ahmad Hadif, my sister's cute little baby boy. He is so charming, cute and adorable right? I like to see the smile on his face because it makes me feel so happy and content.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Health Screening by KPJ @ Carigali Hess

A Health Screening was held by KPJ @ Cakeralawa Room, Carigali Hess Operating Company Sdn Bhd. Above is my result for blood pressure, blood glucose, blood cholestrol and Body Mass Index (BMI). From the result it shows that I'm a young man with a good health which suggests that I have a balance diet. Just to let you guys know, my health screening results are as follows:

1. Blood Pressure: 130/79 which is normal because it is less than 140/90
2. Blood Glucose: 5.5 mmol/L which is normal because it is less than 10.0 mmol/L
3. Blood Cholestrol: 4.38 mmol/L which is normal because it is less than 5.2 mmol/L
4. Body Mass Index (BMI): 22.6 which is an ideal BMI for a young man like me!

To calculate your own BMI precisely, you can go to BMI Calculator. Anyway, I'm so happy to know that I'm a healthy young man with an ideal BMI. Cheers!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Day 1 Trivia Winners - Runner Up

At my office, Carigali Hess Office Safety & Health Committee is organizing a safety event called CARIGALI HESS HSE WEEK which was scheduled from March 10 to 14, 2008 as the celebration of Carigali Hess high regards to safety & health, meant for all the employees at the company.

As one of the employee at the company I also participated in the programme. The programmes include the Health Talk about Skin Problem, Health Screening by KPJ etc. They also included HSE Video & Quiz as one of their programme in the tentative. On the first day, March 10, I participated in the HSE Quiz without any intention or hope to win. But, surprisingly, a day later, March 11, they announced the result through the Carigali Hess mailing system and I was surprised to know that I won the Quiz contest as a Runner Up!

I hope there will be another surprise for me as the HSE Quizzes are conducted through out the Carigali HESS HSE WEEK. Last but not least, I thanked Kak Azura and Gadafi for providing me the answers (which I didn’t know a few answers) that entitled me to be the Runner Up. Cheers!

Happy Chatting to All!

after waiting for a long time and by famous request from other bloggers, now i already have my own Cbox at my blog page. happy chatting to all and enjoy your time here! to get a free Cbox, you guys can simply go to Cbox website.

Monday, March 10, 2008

HSE Week - Launching

Three handsome trainees at Carigali Hess attending the Launching of HSE Week which was organized by Carigali Hess Office Safety & Health Committee, scheduled from March 10 to 14, 2008.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

pilihan raya ke-12, masa untuk perubahan?

saya bukan pengkritik politik, juga tidak pandai berpolitik.
tidak mahu membebankan minda ini dengan politik.
kerana bagi saya, politik itu kotor di negara ini kotor.
tapi saya amat mengambil berat mengenai kebajikan agama islam, bangsa melayu dan negara malaysia ini.
coretan ini hanyalah luahan minda muda yang masih belajar mengenai kehidupan.
coretan ini hanya sebagai cubaan dalam memberikan sedikit pandangan dan menzahirkan apa yang bermain di minda.
kelantan, kedah, penang, perak dan selangor.
5 negeri yang akan ditadbir oleh parti pembangkang.
5 tahun yang perlu dimanfaatkan oleh parti pembangkang dengan sebaik mungkin untuk memenangi hati rakyat.
parti pembangkang perlu membuktikan kemampuan mereka dalam menangani isu-isu rakyat di 5 negeri yang berjaya mereka menangi.
rakyat tekad dalam membuat keputusan, mereka mengambil langkah berani dengan memberi peluang eksperimentasi dilakukan kepada 5 negeri ini.
kepada parti kerajaan, jangan terkejut kerana ini negara demokrasi.
jangan cepat kalut dan gelabah, ini hanya satu amaran tegas daripada rakyat yang kini semakin bijak menilai.
rakyat hanya menyuarakan apa yang ada dalam fikiran mereka.
rakyat perlukan suatu perubahan besar yang dapat memberi impak dalam kehidupan mereka.
rakyat perlukan pemerintahan yang cekap dan telus.
kini, kita ada 5 tahun untuk menilai keberkesanan pemerintahan setiap parti.
kepada semua wakil rakyat, jalankan tugas anda.
jalankan tanggungjawab, kotakan semua janji dan manifesto yang disuarakan sepanjang tempoh berkempen.
hingga jumpa lagi di pilihanraya ke-13, pada 2012-2013.
semoga Malaysia akan terus aman, makmur dan harmoni.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

you are not God, my dear

"awak jangan cakap seolah-olah awak selalu gagal dalam percintaan"
"your happiness time will come, trust me"

these words have been sms by her. i try to rationalize what she just sms me. i make my brain working to digest these words. but, i hardly couldn't digest it. who are you to promise me that my happiness will come? who are you to make such a confident promise that my happiness will come? why are you so sure that i'll be happy one day? i want to believe your words. i want to believe in you. but i couldn't because you are not God. so, please don't tell me something nice but ridiculous and absurd just to make me feel comfort and happy because you are not God, you can't control everything my dear.

Friday, March 7, 2008

susahkah untuk mencintai aku?

aku terjaga, jam menunjukkan 9.15 pagi
lenanya aku tidur malam tadi
seronok juga dapat cuti begini
aku ingin mandi, tapi aku malas
aku ingin makan, tapi aku malas
aku merindui kamu
aku ingin bersama kamu
aku ingin melihat senyuman kamu
aku ingin membelai kamu
susahkah untuk menerima jiwa muda ini?
susahkah untuk mencintai aku?
aku termenung memikirkan ini...

khamis malam di laundry bar

aku berdiri di dalam laundry bar
bersama kawan-kawan yang ingin menghiburkan hati
suasana meriah seperti ini perkara biasa
khamis malam jumaat di sini memang begini
lelaki dan wanita sudah mula memenuhi
rokok, tiger beer dan heineken berada di tangan mereka
hembus asap ke udara, mungkin mereka rasa tenang
teguk tiger beer dan heineken, mungkin mereka rasa puas
lelaki dan perempuan berpegangan tangan
lelaki dan perempuan berpacaran
ternampak wanita bertudung juga di dalam
pelik juga kerna mereka bertudung tapi masih tidak malu untuk turut serta dalam kemeriahan ini
bukan aku anti kepada mereka
tapi mana perginya nilai-nilai agama, jika bertudung pun mereka boleh berada di sini
terdengar bunyi gitar dipetik
terdengar suara menyanyi
lelaki dan perempuan mula melompat
aku turut serta sekali-sekala
suasana jadi lebih meriah bila seven collar t-shirt memainkan lagu mereka
ternampak anak kecil turut serta dalam kemeriahan
anak kecil berumur 2-3 tahun pun sudah dibawa ke tempat begini
manalah perginya akal ibu bapa kepada anak kecil ini
patutlah makin senang melihat remaja yang liar sekarang ini
lagu faith nyanyian seven collar t-shirt berjaya membuat crowd untuk turut serta menyanyi
lagu-lagu yang dimainkan sedap didengar oleh halwa telinga ini
show berakhir jam 12.15 pagi
hujan mula turun membasahi bumi
malam ini aku pasti akan tidur dengan lena

Thursday, March 6, 2008

surprise breakfast

terbangun jam 6.00 pagi
pening kepala dan sakit tekak belum berkurang
phone yang berbunyi dari tadi aku ambil
aku tekan off button bagi mengusir kebisingan di pagi hari
tertidur kembali
sedar-sedar jam 6.57 pagi
ouh.."shit man, i'm late to go to work", getus hatiku
10 minit kemudian aku telah siap berpakaian kemas untuk ke tempat kerja
sampai di klcc, tergerak hati membeli nasi lemak yang berharga rm 3.00.
harga yang bagi aku mahal untuk nasi lemak kosong tanpa apa-apa lauk
perut perlu diisi kerana aku nak makan ubat sebentar nanti
aku terkejut sebaik sahaja tiba di office
terdapat sebungkus nasi lemak di atas meja
puas juga memikirkan siapa yang sayang pada diri ini
tanya pada kak ros, kak ros kata bukan dia yang bagi
tanya pada shikin, shikin juga kata bukan dia yang bagi
"siapa lagi yang sayang aku ni?", detik hatiku
nasi lemak itu aku simpan sekali dengan nasi lemak yang aku beli di suria klcc tadi
tidak lama selepas itu, kak shima menegur aku
"dah dapat nasi lemak?", tanya kak shima kepada aku
dengan pantas aku menganggukkan kepala sambil tersenyum di dalam hati

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

sunyi sepi, penat dan ...

hari ini sekitar cubicle aku sunyi sepi
intern yang lain semuanya menyertai training - excel for engineers
aku ingin turut serta tapi ada menimbun-nimbun kerja yang perlu disiapkan yang tidak mengizinkan aku untuk menyertai training - excel for engineers tersebut
kasihan juga melihat supervisor aku seorang diri menguruskan semuanya
engineers yang lain semuanya on leave ataupun busy untuk mobilization preparation bagi tujuan bumi flowlines installation pada 15 mac ini
dengan suasana persekitaran aku yang sunyi sepi, aku gagahkan diri membuat kerja
menyelesaikan segala purchase requisition yang perlu dilakukan
menghubungi vendors yang memungkiri janji untuk memberi update terkini mengenai items and materials yang dibeli
mengarahkan semua orang melakukan kerja masing-masing
arghh..hari ini sangat penat!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

People don't change. They want to. They need to.

Dr House: People don't change. They want to. They need to.

Last night I watched one of my favourite series, Dr House. In episode 12 season 4, Dr House mentioned the above words which make me think about it quite a while. For me, what Dr House said is true. I'm totally agree with him. People don't change. Maybe they want to change. Maybe they need to change. But people don't suddenly choose to change without the sudden of need to change.

Maybe it is quite hard to understand but if given a situation like below, it will be easier to understand the expressions by Dr House.

Situation 1
Shahid (not a real name) fall in love with Alyaa (not a real name). Before knowing Alyaa, Shahid was a casanova who is wooing any girls that he likes without thinking of the later consequences. But after knowing Alyaa, Shahid promise to himself that he want to change; he need to change. This is what it means by people don't suddenly change unless they have a valid and reasonable reason to change. But unfortunately, the fact that people don't change is 99.99% true, Shahid eventually start to change back and become what he was in his old days. Alyaa then will said that Shahid have changed compare to the time when they first met each other which is 100% false because of the fact that people don't change. At the later stage of their relationship, Shahid is just showing his real personality, his real life and the true of himself. That's why I said that people don't change unless they are willing to change when the right time has come.

What are you guys opinion? I leave this question for you guys to think and ponder about it.

Monday, March 3, 2008

berlari ke langit?

kenapa mahu berlari ke langit?
jika engkau mahu melarikan diri.
jika engkau mahu menyembunyikan diri.
jika engkau benci pada kehidupan.
jika engkau benci kepada manusia dan hipokrasi.
kenapa engkau tidak berlari ke uranus ataupun pluto.
kenapa engkau tidak berlari keluar dari galaksi bima sakti ini.
kerna langit adalah sesuatu yang mampu diterokai oleh manusia.
melainkan engkau berlari ke langit yang pertama maka engkau selamat di sana.
engkau berjaya melarikan diri.
engkau berjaya menyembunyikan diri.
engkau sudah jauh dari kehidupan.
engkau sudah jauh dari manusia dan hipokrasi.
kenapa perlu berlari ke langit sedangkan engkau ada bumi yang luas untuk diterokai?

hadapilah hari esok dengan tabah

waktu ini engkau sedang tidur di atas kerusi.
entah kerusi apa aku juga tidak tahu.
entah lena tidurmu ataupun tidak.
barangkali kau sedang bersedih?
barangkali kau sedang takut?
takut untuk menghadapi hari esok?
hari esok yang tidak ada kepastian.
hari esok yang perlu dicorakkan agar menjadi lebih menarik.
aku percaya engkau seorang yang kuat.
aku percaya engkau juga seorang yang tabah.
aku percaya engkau mampu mengharungi hari esok.
apa yang kau perlu lakukan hanyalah untuk menghadapi hari esok dengan senyuman.
hadapilah hari esok dengan tabah.
tapi jika dengan menangis mampu melegakan perasaanmu, menangislah sekuat mana yang kau mahu.
luahkanlah perasaan sedih itu.
luahkanlah perasaan takut itu.
jangan terlalu berahsia seorang diri.
jangan dipendam sehingga memakan diri.
jangan biarkan perasaan mengawal diri.
kau perlu lebih kuat, lebih tabah.
aku yakin kau mampu lakukan.
aku akan terus berdoa untuk kau.
selamat malam buatmu yang sedang tidur di atas kerusimu.
semoga tidurmu dibuai mimpi indah.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

fahaman anak kecil

if you guys are looking for a blog that is different from other blogs, you guys can always read this blog. for me, anak kecil is a sincere blogger who writes something from his mind without being a typical narrow-mindedness writer. it is worth for you guys to read it!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

asphyxiating inside utp?

asphyxiating inside utp?
if you are asphyxiating inside utp, hang out with your friends.
go and find yourself anywhere you like!
go and find your happiness.
do not get your self asphyxiate inside utp.
do not do that. ok?
you still have a lot of things to learn in this simple and beautiful, idiosyncrasy of LIFE!

aku suka begini..

jam di desktop komputer menunjukkan jam 2.10 petang.
kedengaran bunyi kicauan burung sahut-menyahut.
petang ini kurasakan sungguh damai.
aku suka sabtu petang yang damai begini.
jauh dari kesibukan kota raya.
jauh dari manusia dan hipokrasi sini-sana.
jauh dari masalah dan tekanan.
aku suka begini...

hujan renyai-renyai, aku rindu kamu..

hujan turun tidak henti-henti sejak pagi tadi..
aku yang sedang lena tidur dibuai mimpi indah turut terjaga kerna kesejukan..
aku mencapai selimut yang berada di sebelahku..
cuba menutupi tubuh yang kesejukan ini..
cuba juga memejamkan mata untuk menyambung mimpi indah yang terhenti tadi..
tapi aku tidak mampu untuk masuk ke dalam mimpiku kembali..
aku tidak dapat melelapkan mata..
aku rindu kamu..aku hantar SMS kepadamu..
kamu membalas..aku gembira..
petang nanti kamu akan sibuk dengan keluargamu..
begitu juga dengan esok hari yang pasti akan lebih sibuk buatmu..
aku tahu kamu sayang keluargamu tapi aku perlukan kamu untuk menyayangi aku juga..
aku perlukan kasih sayang kamu juga..
tapi mungkin kamu belum bersedia untuk menyayangi aku..
memandang keluar tingkap..hujan masih renyai-renyai, aku rindu kamu..

Work of Art by Nafiz

Work of Art that has been produced by creative Nafiz during his leisure time. Cool right?