Saturday, March 15, 2008

Why grown up are so complicated?

Last night, around 7.23 pm, i got a SMS from my friend.
"Why grown up are so complicated?"
A SMS which makes me think and ponder about it.
For me, as time flies away and we grown up; people around us also grown up.
People around us that actually don't change eventually change due to some reasons.
Each and everything around us also change.
Sometimes without us notice about it.
When we were small kids, everyone is our friends.
There was no such thing as a stranger.
If we got mad with our friends, it was only for 5 seconds then the madness gone.
But when we grown up, our friends which i refer as good friends become a few.
It is not because we are to dumb to get a friend.
It is just because our relationships need to be built on the trust basis which makes things become more complicated.
For me, it is one of a reason why grown up are so complicated.
Your guys opinion?


wani gaga gugu gege said...

hmm i wonder what is the time now...? ekekeke.. good thing u have there; the clock i mean.

well, when we become a grown up, we feel like being a grown up is complicated bcoz EVRYTHING about living is complicated. saying, everything in our lives we have to look in a different way, and of course not the same as how we look at life when we're young. its not the matter of why life is complicated, its how we deal with the complicated life.

bcoz we only live twice (bjork - you only live twice) we should cherish the life that we have.


Anonymous said...

assuming ur talking about friendships.

people of younger age would know less things to judge a friend, and that makes most judgements as simple as they may seem for being a decent friend. it was really easy to have best friends around us all the time.

perceptions were less complicated, decently loyal to each other, and we knew nothing about betrayal.

as grown ups we've experienced an awful lot of things. some cannot be forgotten making us more prepared to look after ourselves from thereon. we become more self-secured and some of us are more comfortable not being too close with each other. it seems like we already know that if we are too close, we will possibly have a lot to disagree and argue upon.

sometimes distance is the best solution to keep friendships intact.

just my two cents.

Anonymous said...

the world is simple, but simple things are often difficult...

Anakecil said...

agreed with pai. so jae here's something for you;

worst case scenario:

"setiap pertemuan berakhir dgn perpisahan"

so, prepare yourself.

*am i atrocious? dont worry,i'll never leave you boy(without a gay vibe).


Ameirul Azraie Bin Mustadza said...

i always prepare myself for perpisahan bro!

Kingmuscle said...

a bit of my intelectual parts(slalu aku ngarut dlm blog ko)

people change because things need to be change
we burden by our responsibility and people need to act according to their responsibility
during our childhood, we didn't have a big responsibility. most of responsibility been carried out by our parents.
now its our time to feel what our parents feel
now be cool man
find friend that can uphold your trust
so you can share a bit of responsibility and work together

(ape aku tulis aku xtau bro..aku lapar ni jom mkn..time lapar je aku jd cerdek sket)

Ameirul Azraie Bin Mustadza said...

btol tu king muscle!