Saturday, March 8, 2008

you are not God, my dear

"awak jangan cakap seolah-olah awak selalu gagal dalam percintaan"
"your happiness time will come, trust me"

these words have been sms by her. i try to rationalize what she just sms me. i make my brain working to digest these words. but, i hardly couldn't digest it. who are you to promise me that my happiness will come? who are you to make such a confident promise that my happiness will come? why are you so sure that i'll be happy one day? i want to believe your words. i want to believe in you. but i couldn't because you are not God. so, please don't tell me something nice but ridiculous and absurd just to make me feel comfort and happy because you are not God, you can't control everything my dear.


Anonymous said...

chill arr bro..
setiap insan dlm dunia nie mmg dh ditakdirkn pasangan die la bro...
cume lambat or cpat je kt akan jumpe..
one day u will find ur sunshine.

Ameirul Azraie Bin Mustadza said...

i hope so..

Anonymous said...

lek2 dlu..
nk cri pasangan kene cri btul2
jgn slh pilih
kalo nk cri teman foya2 xpela

Myra said...

mengapekh pnoh beremosi post kmu ini..
sabaq naa..
adek aku abes skula lg 2 tahun.

Ameirul Azraie Bin Mustadza said...

hahaha..emosi ke?
mane ade emosi.
aku kool je.
tengah mencari cinta sejati ni.

wani gaga gugu gege said...

cinta sejati xdpt dicari, cinta sejati akan datang sendiri. (:

Kingmuscle said...

ala chill la sket
kang dpt elaun ko blanje kami kat chilliz
for sure it is happiness things in your life

SalamMedia said...

Jae, loosen up some of that tummy. Im sure you'll bang chicks in no time.

20-23, these are the years a girl changes her path. For better or worst, its up to them.

What ever you do, note that deep down, you are better. You just have learn to say NO when she came tumbling back.