Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Muka surat baru.

"Kita...dah...bertunang!!!" said us in front of the video camera taken by Bee Hunt after the engagement ceremony.

Yes, I'm engaged! And I'm happy!

I'm engaged and I'm happy!

I'm engaged and I'm happy!

Yes, I'm definitely, absolutely, truthfully happy!

I, myself still cannot believe that I already engaged with her; a girl of my dream that turn out to be real and now, she is my fiancée!!!

Thank you for everything, my fiancée!

I love you so much.


CiK PeRi said...

Tahniah.how enviable ur life atm.

meowdoboblur said...

x sangka u dh bertunang! congratsssssssssss! :)

Byeti said...

congrats..baru tahu lepas check beehuntstudio.com punya site. so sweet...hehe.