Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Art Syndrome was featured in Malaysian Today.

Art Syndrome was featured in Malaysian Today, Page 19, Edition 19 - 25 March 2009.

Special thanks to mama, Noorfah Binti Senusi for always have faith in me.

Special thanks to ayah, Mustadza Bin Md. Yusop for his continuous support in many aspects such as ideas & monetary.

Thanks to my sister, Mia Ameira for the permission to use one of the room in her house as the storage room.

Thanks to my brother, Ameirul Anwar who is always let me use his car whenever I need it for any events.

Thanks to my younger brother, Muhammad Kamal & Muhammad Yusuf Safwan for always helping me out at the events.

Not forgotten my friends especially:
Todd & Sapong as the co-founder of Art Syndrome,
Alan, Shazwan & Burn as free photographers,
Blur & Illi as freelance designers,
Mil, Acap, Zack & Ika from Our Happiness,
Kuman, Afun, Dan & Arai from Kera Rock Clothing,
Hafiz from Flipptee,
Mas from Boneka Life,
Ai & Fa from Aifa Boutique,
Sham & Pejal from Suka Hati Clothing,
Nami from This Is Edge, and
Jepp from Anz.Closet.

Also, thanks to everyone who is involved directly or indirectly with Art Syndrome.

Without your support, Art Syndrome will not get this kind of achievement and lasted till today.

Thank you so much!


Shamimi said...

Tahiniah2 bro...
Semoga bertambah maju...

Ameirul Azraie Bin Mustadza said...

Amin. Moga2 la.

Anonymous said...

gud job bro..kip it up..

Mohd Nurul Amin said...

kongratz... nama x partner tu tak lupe tu.. hahaha

SafwanIsa said...

giler ar art syndrome dah popular, lepas ni pergi international lak.

sofiy said...

meh kite support Art Syndrome reramai...

sourplum said...

ade gk nm gue =)

ijam said...

congratz bro.

Anonymous said...

well done couz

-kak aisha-

Anonymous said...


oh yess, happy belated birthday. :))

AbDuL LuDiN said...

tahniah bro

wawashauqi said...

Da jauh kedepan ko kan. Yang tunda2 nak berjalan ni tertinggal kat blakang. Walau jauh kedepan,jangan lupe toleh n bg lambaian smngat kat aku k...