Monday, August 31, 2009

Love is in the air.

Dia: Have I ever tell you this?

Aku: What?

Dia: I love you so much.

Aku: Still?

Dia: Forever and ever. Nothing change. It grows sayang.

Being Fara, an excerpt.

"In life, you met a lot of people. You fall in love, dated someone for years and it didn't work out.
But, never give up on love. It will be there for you. It is just a matter of time for you to meet up the one, the final one."

How ironic, huh?

Read this.

Oh Lord, I ask your help to open their eyes, please Lord?

Before this, I will laugh at every jokes they made but today I cry when I read this.

What is happening to this country?

This is too much, seriously, too much to take!

For God sake, can't you for one time use your brain before do something?

Ouh, before I forgot, you better read this before you blame anybody for being racist.

Saturday, August 29, 2009


Oh God, tomorrow is Sunday. Sunday means rest day. Wuuhuu!

Majlis Berbuka Puasa MCKK Class of 2003 #1 (updated event schedule + guest list + maps).

Majlis Berbuka Puasa MCKK Class of 2003 #1 details:

Date: 31st August 2009
Day: Monday
Venue: Homst Restaurant (Chinese Muslim Cuisine),
No.48, Persiaran Zaaba, Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, 60000 KL (Please find attached Google Maps at the bottom of this entry)
Price: RM23/pax (Please deposit RM20 for reservation purpose)

Event Schedule
6.30-7.30 – Guests arrival
6.45-7.25 – ‘Bonding’ session + updates about 9903 members
7.26-8.15 – Maghrib prayer
7.26-8.30 – Berbuka
8.30 – Photography session

1. Rice
2. Wet Butter Chicken
3. Sizzling Beef
4. Deef Fried Sotong
5. Har Lok King Prawn
6. Taufu Broccoli
7. Mushroom Soup
8. Mango Sago Lolo
9. Ice Tea 'O'
10. Kurma

Guests list:
1. Todd
2. Awan
3. Jae
4. Emir
5. Bal
6. Bal (girlfriend)
7. Locky
8. Locky (girlfriend)
9. Butet
10. Usin
11. Ajim
12. CJ
13. Dannie
14. Zarep
15. Leman
16. Shidan
17. Hisham
18. Que
19. Tee Jay
20. Gbx
21. Ijat
22. Ijat (girlfriend)
23. Apeq
24. Apeq (girlfriend)
25. Banuk
26. Pai
27. Mabo
28. Muk
29. Cibo
30. Mon
31. Gona
32. Nad
33. Budin
34. Mik
35. Paan
36. Gochi
37. Matoq
38. Amir Hafiz

Interested to join? Please confirm your attendance latest by 30th August 2009, 5 p.m. by deposit RM20 to my account number:
Maybank: 164388754916
CIMB: 04070023517528
Once you've deposited the money (RM20), please SMS me at +60129313180.

Please find attached, the maps of the venue (zoom in sequence):

If you still can't find the direction, just give me a call once you reach TTDI.

Ameirul Azraie

A song for your soul.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Pagi Jumaat.

Sedang aku bermain komputer, hujan turun dengan lebatnya di luar sana.

Hurm, kenapalah pagi ini bukan pagi Ahad, kan?

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Perbualan malam di dalam kereta.

Facebook status:
Ameirul Azraie says "Booooo to the training life." "How I wish my father is the CEO of Technip."

Mohd Rasyid comment:
"Why don't you become the CEO?"


Fara Fatihah analogy:
"I believe that life should come in stages. Just like climbing a ladder. You need to start from below one by one. Yes sometimes you can take bigger step. Skipping one or two but you can't go more than you can afford."

Ameirul Azraie reply:
"Yeah, I agree with you. But, people like me, we don't climb a ladder, we run on the escalator."

Monday, August 24, 2009

Nota cinta #11.

Just do whatever you wanna do. As long as you are honest and take it as ibadah, everything will be just fine. You're still young, full of energy and passion. So, just go and run and run harder until you reach the rainbow, until you grab the stars in the sky. God bless you.


"Facebook hanyalah tempat untuk bersosial, secara maya. Nothing more, nothing less."

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Majlis Berbuka Puasa for MCKK Class of 2003.

I'm planning to organize Majlis Berbuka Puasa for MCKK Class of 2003. Event details are as follow:

Date: 31st August 2009
Day: Monday
Venue: Homst Restaurant, Taman Tun Dr. Ismail (TTDI)
Type of Food: Chinese Muslim Cooking e.g. Butter Chicken, Steam Fish etc.
Speciality: Dessert - Sago Mango Lolo
Price: Estimated to be around RM30/pax (depends on how much and what type of dishes we order)

Interested to join? Confirm your attendance before 27th August 2009 by deposit RM20 to my account number:
Maybank: 164388754916
CIMB: 04070023517528

Once you've deposited the amount of RM20, please SMS me at +60129313180.

Ameirul Azraie

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Dialog selepas berbuka puasa.

Aku: Sayang, thanks for the delicious food. Sedap sangat popia dan sotong sumbat tu.

Dia: No prob dear. Welcome to my world where happiness can be found in foods.


Sahur hari pertama Ramadhan dengan makan kurma + sandwich + madu + air teh sambil mata tertutup.

Yeah, just the same like last year.

Nota cinta, special/limited edition #3.

Aku: Ayah, thank you so much for making it to my Convo Day. Thank you for everything!

Ayah: You're welcome. Ayah has to thank you too for being such a wonderful son eventhough there are times WE didn't treat you well. Ayah is so happy for you, for what you've achieved and hope more great things will come, Insha'ALLAH. Congratulations on this special event of your life and my life too.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Nota cinta, special/limited edition #2.

Aku: Ayah, I just want you to know that I can survive with my own money. I have my own t-shirt label. I will do whatever it takes to earn my own money. You don't need to worry about me, anymore. What I need from you is to pray for me that Allah will provide me rezeki yang luas. That's all I need.

Ayah: I will always doa for you my dear.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Nota maaf.

When I feel hurt, I made it public.
So, I guess, you deserve a public apologize from me.
I'm sorry for my behavior.
Sorry for all the cursing.
I know I shouldn't do that to my bros but I just voicing out what is inside my heart + mind.
I know I'm getting busy lately but please know that my bros are always in my heart + mind.
Things change as we grow up.
I also miss the time we used to 'lepak' sampai Subuh, laughing at all the jokes about our old days.
Yeah, I miss, really miss that time but I guess, now, all of us have the responsibility as an adult.
I love you, I always do.
Please accept my sincere apology.

Nota cinta #10.

Fatihahku, this is my morning message for you, my dear sweetheart. I hope it makes you smile and feel better.

"I'll lend you my shoulder for you to cry on, my ears to listen to, my hand for you to hold, my feet to walk with you, but I can't lend you my heart because it already belongs to you my dear angel."

Happy breakfast. Enjoy your shower. Come quick to Kota Damansara because I miss your smile, I miss your smell, I miss everything about you.


Nota cinta #9.

"How would you know if he really loves you?"

It's when you scream, he's calm. When you slap him, he kisses you. When you cry, he hugs you. When you tell him you hate him, he tells you he loves you.

Please know that I love you so much, this entire universe much. Bak kata budak kolet, "Selagi ada peredaran bulan, bintang dan matahari," I promise you, I will love you.

Sleep tight, sweet dreams.


Friday, August 14, 2009


I'm glad that I still have someone whom I can share anything and everything with him.

Gangguan emosi.

Yeah, people might think that I'm being emotional without any valid reasons. But, brutally truth, I do have my own reasons. I believe that best friends are the greatest thing that ever happened in my life. I value my best friends as my own blood, my own siblings. Yes, seriously. I always keep in mind that I will do anything and everything for my friends that I regard as my own brother, if they are in trouble etc.

When I'm fuckingly and brutally busy with my examination, I can still go in and out from Rector's Office for few times just to make sure that my brother get the chance to continue his study in UTP.

When I'm fuckingly and brutally tired, I can still drive with my own expenses just to help my brother getting his resume done because I'm so worried of him not getting a job.

When I can choose just to ignore my brother, I choose not to do it. Instead I support them by any means.

But, what did I get in return? I don't ask them to get me a job when I graduated. I don't ask for their money when I'm struggling for my own expenses to live in Kuala Lumpur. I don't ask them to come and meet me at my place because I know they have money and time constraints.

What I'm asking is just a little understanding. That's all. Not much to ask right?

What I hope to get when we meet is to catch up and have a good conversation rather mocking me from the beginning until the end of the conversation. That's all. Still, not much to ask right?

Please, I'm begging you, don't simply assume, don't simply judge just by reading my blog and Facebook.

Grow up and think about others too.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Aku dalam gua, duduk berehat tenangkan diri.

Sedang selak kamus Dewan Bahasa, cari definisi sahabat.

Hingga jumpa lagi.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Aku belajar dua perkara tentang kehidupan pada pagi ini:

1. Persahabatan memang dinilai melalui kekerapan bertemu.
2. Perasaan kasih, sayang, cinta tidak boleh disalurkan melalui Facebook kerana akan mengundang seribu satu persoalan dan komen sosial.

Sekian rakan-rakan.

Sunday, August 9, 2009


Aku rindu masa lepas, masa aku berusia belasan tahun.
Aku rindu waktu dahulu yang sudah berlalu pergi, waktu yang sama seperti sekarang, 3.25 pagi, 4 tahun yang dulu.
Aku rindu zaman muda remaja, zaman tanpa pikul apa-apa tanggungjawab, lepak minum di kedai mamak bergelak ketawa tanpa henti sehingga Subuh.
Aku rindu masa itu, aku rindu waktu itu, aku rindu zaman itu.

Friday, August 7, 2009


Jangan sempitkan minda dengan menilai persahabatan melalui jumlah atau kekerapan kamu bertemu.

And, don't ever assume the reason why your friend is busy. Your friend maybe has other responsibility especially towards his parents, siblings and other commitments such as work.

Open your eyes and see the world as a grown up person, ok?

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Mr. Ameirul Azraie.

I heard u are looking for a driver. Do you still has the vacancy?
I can drive 140/hour, I can wake up as early as 5am, I can make roti bakar kaya+hot tea for breakfast, I can sing, I can make stupid jokes so you won't feel bored if we stuck in the traffic and most importantly my service is payable not by cash.
Oh oh, I graduated with LLB (Hons) and I can wink at the police traffic in case we get summoned.
Hope to hear from u soon.

Ms. Fara Fatihah.

Hari kedua.

Tak banyak yang berlaku hari ini. Sama seperti semalam, aku pergi kerja menaiki kereta tapi kali ini dengan Greeny 9746 dan bukannya Wuffy 111. Wuffy 111 sudah diambil balik oleh tuan empunya yang perlu ke Sepang pada hari ini. Hari ini aku tidak keseorangan kerana aku ditemani teman yang aku ambil di Kelana Jaya untuk sama-sama ke SHRDC.

Kelas dari jam 9 pagi hingga 5 petang. Aku belajar tentang asas Project Management. Terasa seperti masuk sekolah balik, mungkin lebih teruk daripada budak sekolah sebab masa yang diperuntukkan untuk rehat adalah terhad. Tapi, yang bagusnya adalah, kami dibayar untuk belajar dan diakhir nanti akan diberikan satu sijil yang diiktiraf dalam industri oil & gas.

Yeah, I guess, that's all for the second day of my training. Ouh, I also got some assignment that I need to submit in the next two days. Now, I don't have anyone that I can copy from. Damn it!

I better do it now. Got to go. Ciao!

Words of wisdom #1.

"Life is not that easy. Don't give up easily." -MayMay @ SHRDC-

Monday, August 3, 2009

Hari pertama.

I met new people. Got to know few names like Vijay, Hafez, Sathiya, Nazim, Syauqi, Hafeza. It's hard to remember all of their names on the first day because I'm suck with names.

Nothing much happened on the first day. Just an introduction about SHRDC and the INSEP Program specifically on Piping System Design that I'm gonna learn for the next 364 days.

The good thing is now, after meeting all these people that were selected for this program, deep inside my heart, I feel so proud of myself for manage to secure 1 spot out of 17 available spot and looking at all those people backgrounds/resumes, there are really 'someone'.

I already got my schedule which is worst than fucking hell, tighter than school/university timetable. I need to come for training on 4th till 11th August before I get my off day on 12th August. Yeah, Saturday, 8th August and Sunday, 9th August, the classes are as usual when I thought I'm entitled for two days of weekend. Damn it!

P/S: I need my off day soon because I want to go out to see my angel. Please GOD? :)


Buku yang aku karang selama 23 tahun kini aku tutup. Buku yang penuh dengan suka dan duka. Buku yang penuh dengan tawa dan tangis. Buku yang penuh dengan seribu satu emosi seorang anak kecil yang merangkak belajar mengenali erti kehidupan. Buku ini aku tutup dan aku letak rapi di bahagian rak buku untuk dijadikan panduan di masa hadapan, untuk aku dan mereka yang lain.

Aku ambil buku baru yang masih kosong, putih bersih tiada kesan contengan. Aku tuliskan tarikh hari ini, 3 Ogos 2009. Tarikh keramat, tarikh azimat yang akan aku ingat dan kenang sampai bila-bila. Tarikh yang bakal menjadi satu kenangan dalam lipatan sejarah hidup aku. Detik, masa dan ketika yang akan menentukan siapa aku di masa hadapan.

Aku ucapkan selamat datang kepada permulaan hidup baru. Hidup sebagai seorang Trainee in Piping Design yang bakal aku tempuhi selama 365 hari. Akan aku pastikan buku baru ini akan aku tulis dengan baik. Baik tidak bermaksud tiada salah, tiada kesan conteng atau tiada kesan liquid paper. Tapi baik bermaksud agar apa yang ditulis akan sentiasa membawa kepada sesuatu yang menarik, sesuatu yang mencabar, sesuatu yang akan memberi makna kepada kehidupan aku. Lalui kehidupan tanpa sebarang penyesalan.

Aku hanya mahu lakukan yang terbaik. Dan dengan itu, aku sambut kedatangan engkau, 3 Ogos 2009. Selamat datang 3 Ogos 2009!

About man and woman.

"Woman was created from the rib of man. Not from his head to be above him. Nor his feet to be walked upon. But from his side to be equal. Near his arm to be protected. And close to his heart to be loved."

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Nota cinta, special/limited edition #1.

"Please convey my many thanks to Fara for being so kind to my dearest son. Insha'Allah, everything gonna be fine as the way you want it to be."

The message sent by my father touched us so much. Ouh, by the way, after reading the message that was sent by my father, I guess, I got the touch to write all the nota cinta to Fara Fatihah from my father. Yeah, it runs in the family.

P/S: Ayah, please know that I love you so much. And, I promise you that I will take care of you till the last day of your life.

Bos kata lain, anak buah kata lain. Mana satu kita nak percaya?

THE STAR Saturday 1 August 2009

PM: ISA protest will not benefit anyone

KUALA LUMPUR: Today’s protest against the Internal Security Act is pointless and will not benefit anyone because the ISA is being reviewed, said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

He said: “Why have a demonstration when we are in the process of discussions and getting feedback from the people?

Read more here.


MINGGUAN MALAYSIA Ahad 2 0gos 2009

Mimpi di siang hari

PAPAR 1 Ogos - Kerajaan akan terus mempertahankan penggunaan Akta Keselamatan Dalam Negeri (ISA) walaupun mendapat tentangan hebat daripada pembangkang.

Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz berkata, akta itu amat penting kerana terbukti mampu memberikan kestabilan dan keamanan kepada negara.

Justeru, katanya, kerajaan tidak akan sesekali berkompromi dengan pihak yang cuba untuk mansuhkan akta tersebut.

Selagi ada langit, selagi ada bintang, selagi itu ISA tidak akan dihapuskan dan saya nak beritahu bahawa pembangkang bermimpi di siang hari sahaja.

"Saya jamin sebagai menteri yang bertanggungjawab terhadap perundangan, kerajaan bukan sahaja tidak pernah terfikir untuk menghapuskan ISA malah mana-mana usaha termasuk usul yang dibawa pembangkang di Dewan Rakyat kita tidak akan tunduk," katanya.


Sekarang aku benar-benar keliru. Kedua-dua suratkhabar ini milik kerajaan 1Malaysia. Tapi yang semalam ditulis dengan seribu satu janji oleh bos kerajaan 1Malaysia yang ISA sedang dikaji. Lain pula ceritanya hari ini apabilan anak buah kepada bos kerajaan 1Malaysia berkata dengan lantang di Papar yang ISA tidak akan dihapuskan sama sekali. Apa gunanya ISA dikaji jika sudah awal-awal lagi dinyatakan yang ISA tidak akan dihapuskan/dimansuhkan?

Oleh: Anak 1Malaysia Yang Benar-Benar Keliru.

Nota cinta #8.

Sometimes, I feel what I have with you now is like a dream.
Everytime I stare at you, I'm afraid you just a dream that sooner or later will fade away and I'm back in my own reality.
Well if there will be a time I'm a bit cold or stuck in my own world, that means I'm scared.
I'm scared of losing you, I'm scared that it will end soon.
I'm just so glad having you around.
I'm just so blessed with a guy like you.
Please know that you have my heart, you have my whole heart and I'm just looking forward to each new day and future with you.


I just want you to know something.
Like you, once I love someone, I really devote myself to that person.
And i just want you to know, whatever difficulties, whatever hurdle that we will be facing, I will always stay by your side and I know you are going to do the same too.
And when I say you have my heart, I really mean it.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Nota cinta #7.


Thank you for pick me up kat Pudu.
Thank you for not liking Umar Salmun.
Thank you for the Euphoria.
Thank you for every single thing you did today.
My heart is always for you, forever and ever.