Sunday, August 2, 2009

Nota cinta #8.

Sometimes, I feel what I have with you now is like a dream.
Everytime I stare at you, I'm afraid you just a dream that sooner or later will fade away and I'm back in my own reality.
Well if there will be a time I'm a bit cold or stuck in my own world, that means I'm scared.
I'm scared of losing you, I'm scared that it will end soon.
I'm just so glad having you around.
I'm just so blessed with a guy like you.
Please know that you have my heart, you have my whole heart and I'm just looking forward to each new day and future with you.


I just want you to know something.
Like you, once I love someone, I really devote myself to that person.
And i just want you to know, whatever difficulties, whatever hurdle that we will be facing, I will always stay by your side and I know you are going to do the same too.
And when I say you have my heart, I really mean it.

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Anonymous said...

so sweet la jae...i like...