Friday, August 14, 2009

Gangguan emosi.

Yeah, people might think that I'm being emotional without any valid reasons. But, brutally truth, I do have my own reasons. I believe that best friends are the greatest thing that ever happened in my life. I value my best friends as my own blood, my own siblings. Yes, seriously. I always keep in mind that I will do anything and everything for my friends that I regard as my own brother, if they are in trouble etc.

When I'm fuckingly and brutally busy with my examination, I can still go in and out from Rector's Office for few times just to make sure that my brother get the chance to continue his study in UTP.

When I'm fuckingly and brutally tired, I can still drive with my own expenses just to help my brother getting his resume done because I'm so worried of him not getting a job.

When I can choose just to ignore my brother, I choose not to do it. Instead I support them by any means.

But, what did I get in return? I don't ask them to get me a job when I graduated. I don't ask for their money when I'm struggling for my own expenses to live in Kuala Lumpur. I don't ask them to come and meet me at my place because I know they have money and time constraints.

What I'm asking is just a little understanding. That's all. Not much to ask right?

What I hope to get when we meet is to catch up and have a good conversation rather mocking me from the beginning until the end of the conversation. That's all. Still, not much to ask right?

Please, I'm begging you, don't simply assume, don't simply judge just by reading my blog and Facebook.

Grow up and think about others too.

1 comment: said...

get a cat. dia mmg akan ada bila2 masa pun utk kite..ppl come n go..

p/s:happy graduation.