Thursday, July 23, 2009

Lost in transition.

"Since the age of 10 years old, I wish I would be a successful engineer. But now, being an adult I keep wondering, what would it possibly be that I'm good at besides engineering? What my life would be if I choose to be a freelancer? What my life would be if I choose to be an entrepreneur? What my life would be if I choose to just do whatever I like and be happy? Even though if I'm happy, how long it will be lasted?"


sourplum said...

buat je ape yg ko nk
jnji ko epi jae

mr cekodok said...

engineer is entrepreneur
bukak bsness engineering plak bro
mn th dpt tender korek mnyk ke

SalamMedia said...

Jae, as someone who went through both world. Entrepreneur rocks! I love the thrill when securing a deal.

ps: Mr cekodok, engineer is engineer, entrepreneur is entrepreneur. 2 distinctive field tu. huhuhu

coco said...

if ur doin wut u like ur actually making d best decision u cud ever do.....wif perseverance n passion in doing wut u like eventually d money will follow n working wont even feel like working cz its sumthin u njoy:)