Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Art Syndrome @ FREE gig in Dewan Kolej Ke-12, Universiti Malaya.

There will be a FREE gig coming up on New Year's eve in Universiti Malaya. The details are below:

Wednesday, 31st December 2008
Venue: Dewan Kolej Ke-12, Universiti Malaya
Time: 8pm till midnight
Admission: FREE!!
Bands: Couple, Julie Goes Overseas, Gray, Sitadewi, Sharpshooter, Static Emily

Join us, Art Syndrome at the event and appreciate if you could spread the words around and tell all your friends about it.

Art Syndrome will also be there selling all their brand new t-shirts such as Aku Cinta Muzik, Oldtimer Musicians etc.

See you guys there!


Shamimi said...

Slm Bro. Sorry about today. Sebagai balasan gua dtg UM bsk dan beli t-shirt lorh. Rasa bersalah siot...

Nur Afrina said...

i wonder, it would be an honor to design for art syndrome, can i? or u guys had ur own official designer :D

Ameirul Azraie Bin Mustadza said...

Peanut: It is my pleasure if you want to design for Art Syndrome. Currently, all the designers are freelance. You can be freelance too, if you want. Contact me at:
YM: freizdruq4713@yahoo.com
GTalk: ameirulazraie@gmail.com

You can also communicate with me through our official e-mail at art.syndrome.tshirts@gmail.com