Sunday, February 15, 2009

Perihal Nafiz.

Last night, when we just finished our late dinner, one of the twins (Nafiz) come to my mom and said "Nenek, I like to write. Let me write something for you."

My mom just said, "Yes, Nafiz. You write first and let me read it after that."

For a moment Nafiz wrote something on his book and then showed it to my mom. And my mom read it out loud. "Nenek is crying bikos nenek is fat."

When my mom finished read her last sentence, all of us just laughed, because of the statement is so not related and because the way he spelled 'bikos'.

After all, you are still the funny and evil twins! :)


Anonymous said...

bikos kids say the darndest thing:p

ApeeN said...

comel gell !!
mcm upin n ipin said...

haha..kanak2 mmg mengelakakan..

daju said...

how old is he?
klakar sangat..
your nephew is it?
..i miss my two nephews..

~riena~ said...

i laugh out loud while reading this entry...kelakar sgt2x!!
neway kids alway says the darnest things *agree**wink*