Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Perbualan malam di dalam kereta.

Facebook status:
Ameirul Azraie says "Booooo to the training life." "How I wish my father is the CEO of Technip."

Mohd Rasyid comment:
"Why don't you become the CEO?"


Fara Fatihah analogy:
"I believe that life should come in stages. Just like climbing a ladder. You need to start from below one by one. Yes sometimes you can take bigger step. Skipping one or two but you can't go more than you can afford."

Ameirul Azraie reply:
"Yeah, I agree with you. But, people like me, we don't climb a ladder, we run on the escalator."


sourplum said...

busy ke bos

a i m a n n a i m said...

looks like u r tired with the training life :)

Basuh Baju said...

peh- escalator tu..