Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Crazy Sex: Father Has Child with Daughter

An Australian woman who has a child with her own father, pleaded for acceptance of their illicit love.

I was so shocked when I read this article from theSun newspaper.

Are they insane? Are they stupid?

If the woman really needs a cock, go and find other than your own father's cock! But this stupid woman are really crazy by making sex with her own father and eventually got pregnant and gave birth to a baby girl.

It means, from their crazy and wild sex action, this woman's nine-month-old daughter whose name is Celeste is having the same father and grandfather! What the fuck is going on with this crazy world?

"I knew it was illegal, of course I knew it was illegal but you know, so what?"

This is a sentence from the father that makes me feel like I want to kill him if he is in front of me.

Is he insane? Is he crazy?

I can't understand why this kind of state of affairs happened. Is there no more shameful that can control the emotion and desire towards this kind of crazy and wild sex?

Don't they feel sympathy to Celeste whom will grow up and found out that she has a father who is also her grandfather?

Come on guys, if any woman out there need to have sex badly, go find other cock rather than go and give your pussy to your own father and if any man out there need to have sex badly, go find other pussy rather than fuck your own daughter's pussy!

But the best way, go fuck your own partner! And this problem will solve...


Myra said...


jae dh berapi.

sabaq na.sume org dh makin gle skng neh.

Anonymous said...

Let me add something.....

Guys / ladies out there....whom really need sex badly...pls...pls...pls...control urself and u can only enjoy n have a safe sex with ur officially / legally soulmate...in other words...get married first lar!!!!