Thursday, May 7, 2009


Finally, it is over (at least, for now)! I have submitted my FYP report to my supervisor for him to do some checking. What a huge relieve. Now, I know why Aristotle used to say "The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet."

It is really sweet, literally. It is (fucking) awesome to be free (at least, for now)! I better enjoy this moment before I (fucking) need to open up Operations Management (fucking) lecture notes & book and study tonight.

Erm, what series should I watch now?


ijam said...

congratz.x de presentation ke?

wawashauqi said...

slalu aku view blog ko tak update2. lepas kena kutuk ngan 'janda seksi', bnyak la plak post. bnyak masa nampak study week ni!?

Ameirul Azraie Bin Mustadza said...

ijam: present 28 may ni.

wawa: ni exam week yang paling relax & cool dalam sejarah peradaban hidup manusia. :)