Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Happy First Anniversary.

Yeah, October is the time for Bits and Pieces of Life to celebrate its 1st Anniversary in this blogsphere.

As the author of this blog, I would like to thank all of the readers for their continuous support which had ensure the existence of Bits and Pieces of Life until now.

To reward the readers for their continuous support, I would like to give out four free t-shirts of my own label, Art Syndrome. This offer is open for all readers.

Just choose the t-shirts from the following link:

1. LOVE generously

2. single is simple

3. wtf?!

4. LOL

The reader can only choose one design t-shirt and if the t-shirt that you want have been chosen by other reader, please choose other design t-shirt that is still available.

Leave your comment here and please give your full name, address (Malaysia address), contact number, size (available: XS, S, M, and L) and color (available: black, white, blue, pink). The delivery is for free! What a great offer, huh?

This offer is based on first person that leave the comment here will get the t-shirts.

Again, thank you for your support!


azim said...

aku nak...hehehe

No49, jalan jasmin 7, taman jasmin,
43000 kajang, selangor.

saiz : paling besar ko ade???hehehehe

colour : black

tshirt : single is simple

p/s : time kaseh jae..u ni hensem a...hahaha

Ameirul Azraie Bin Mustadza said...

ok.noted.another 3 to go.

Melodilusi said...





P/S:I heart you.

Ameirul Azraie Bin Mustadza said...

ok.noted.another 2 to go.lagi 2 aku reserve untuk awek-awek pulak la.tak nanti aku pembaca perempuan aku lari la.he he he

Mohd Nurul Amin said...

ako mau!!

size: L

nnt ako pg blik ko ek

Ameirul Azraie Bin Mustadza said...

anda lelaki.jika mahu sila lakukan pembedahan penukaran jantina.harap maklum.

ain loot said...

eyh br chat td pastu nmpk url blog ni kt status ym..naseb bukak..yeayyy dpt tshirt freeee

Anonymous said...

ap brg bg bju.. duit xpe la jg..

Ameirul Azraie Bin Mustadza said...

ok.another 1 to go utk ladies.

Anonymous said...

hello Ameirul..

good offer ni..i nak!!!love generously size s please.tq.takde free international shipping ke nz?huhu..

11, jalan nilam, taman sri intan, bagan serai 34300, perak

many thanks..

random gila ok..u dont even know me..i dont mind coz it's a fantastic offer.

selamat hari raya..

Ameirul Azraie Bin Mustadza said...

ok.dgn ini offer tamat.cheers! :)

Anonymous said...

mane bj utk isabel?
hihi... topi still ade :)