Saturday, February 23, 2008

people: past, present & future

last night I met my old friend (from primary school).
we had a good chat. we laugh. we talked something serious. we talked about our past.
and just now, she mentioned to me through YM, I've change a little bit.
is it I'm the one who have change?
or maybe, the time flies so fast that my friend did not realize that last time we met was 9 years ago!
for me, I'm still the same person.
the same person that everybody knows.
but, people will eventually change as time flies away.
we grow up. "a year older, a year wiser". right?
maybe, what my friend saw is a wiser man, who have gone so many things in the past 9 years...I had already grown up!
and for sure, I'll become another person in another 9 years..

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