Monday, June 1, 2009


I fell asleep while watching Yuna performing live at TV3 for Karnival Jom Heboh. She looks beautiful and she sang the song - Dan Sebenarnya greatly (and fyi, I'm selling her EP. Leave your comment here if you want to buy the CD from me).

When I woke up, it’s already 1 am in the morning. I admit that it’s quite tiring to open a booth nowadays. I guess I should start thinking to open my own clothing shop in 1-2 years from now. But, I must congratulate SoundMachine and the other supporting labels for their awesome job in making sure Sana Sini Seni be a great event. Congrats guys!

Anyhow, at 3 am in the morning I find myself starving like hell, so I decided to go to the nearest 7 Eleven and get my early morning breakfast, Maggi Hot Cup Perisa Tom Yam and Pepsi Super Big Gulp before heading to the cyber café that is close to the 7 Eleven. Eating Maggi Hot Cup Perisa Tom Yam and Pepsi Super Big Gulp while Facebook-ing, blogging (and looking at the pics of Heidi Klum) was the best thing I ever done in six months. What a fucking cool life, isn’t it?

But, this fucking cool life is going to end soon since I’m leaving to UTP this morning to do the clearance and hard bound for my FYP (Oh my fucking gosh, I can't believe that I still need to do something that is related to FYP. Damn it!). Arghhh, why I still need to go back to UTP? Can’t I just do it online from here? Can't I? Can't I? Haish...

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wawashauqi said...

i do wanna buy da EP plz. gimme a call if u have time 2 c me. we'll dscus bout shirt things