Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Day 1 Trivia Winners - Runner Up

At my office, Carigali Hess Office Safety & Health Committee is organizing a safety event called CARIGALI HESS HSE WEEK which was scheduled from March 10 to 14, 2008 as the celebration of Carigali Hess high regards to safety & health, meant for all the employees at the company.

As one of the employee at the company I also participated in the programme. The programmes include the Health Talk about Skin Problem, Health Screening by KPJ etc. They also included HSE Video & Quiz as one of their programme in the tentative. On the first day, March 10, I participated in the HSE Quiz without any intention or hope to win. But, surprisingly, a day later, March 11, they announced the result through the Carigali Hess mailing system and I was surprised to know that I won the Quiz contest as a Runner Up!

I hope there will be another surprise for me as the HSE Quizzes are conducted through out the Carigali HESS HSE WEEK. Last but not least, I thanked Kak Azura and Gadafi for providing me the answers (which I didn’t know a few answers) that entitled me to be the Runner Up. Cheers!

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