Sunday, March 23, 2008

Thank You My Friends

Thank you Alyaa for your lunch treat where I spend the whole afternoon gossiping with you about so many things.
Thank you Fraces, Nyamuk, Soleha, Leman, Mena, Illi, Adhil, Nipi, Mel, Lily, Ijat, Afiqah, Ain, Ajan, Topeq, Bnk, Ajim, Zatie, Fara, Nabil, Alaud, Echa, Que, Kissha, Azmi, Teeno & Adzlan for the SMS that you guys send to me wishing all the good things for my birthday and my future.
Thank you Ena, Alyaa, Mel, Locky, Leman, Max, Ajan, Yuyu & Ijat for celebrating my birthday at KFC.
Thank you Ajan & Yuyu for the birthday card that you guys give me.
You guys have done so many things just to make me happy.
Thank you for making my 22nd birthday such a wonderful day to be remembered for the rest of my life.
Thank you my friends.

1 comment:

insa(ne)tiable said...

heppi belated bday jae..sori,aku saje wish lambat..hekhek