Saturday, June 7, 2008

Rock on Rave @ Cineleisure, 7 & 8 June

Art Syndrome T-Shirts will be selling their t-shirts during Rock on Rave Festival @ Cineleisure Damansara on 7 & 8 June 2008. They are so many bands that will be performing such as Butterfingers, Komplot, The Other Side Orchestra, Oh Chentaku, Couple, Bittersweet and so many more. Don't forget to bring along your lover and grab the t-shirts from Art Syndrome!

Come and join the crowd! See you guys there!!!


SafwanIsa said...

kamu akhirnya kembali pada perniagaan kamu ya...selepas habis presentasi kamu itu...wakaka

Dayana said...

wah.. you are everywhere!

Ameirul Azraie Bin Mustadza said...

hehehe..yups. i'm everywhere! wanna join me next time?