Friday, March 21, 2008


Anak kecil, thank you for your post!
Pintu kecemasan, thank you for your post too!
You guys make me feel like crying when I read your guys post.
I appreciate our 10 years of friendship so much.
I miss 1999.
I miss 2000.
I miss 2001.
I miss 2002.
I miss 2003 the most.
I miss my alma mater, the place where we met 10 years ago.
Guys, I'm crying now! Gosh~
You guys are good friends that can never be replaced by others.


Dayana said...

happy bday Jae!

SalamMedia said...

Jae, I miss you too. Hahaha.

Wow.. were we such an ass back then? I'm sorry for the trouble and burden. I never cared much about my juniors, not because you guys were insignificant, I wasnt interested in School's politics or what ever crap it is. Ye laa nanti fect tego2 plak.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed water balloons and fire hydrant from overfloor! Im sure I was an ASS. Dont blame me, blame the tradition.

Again, whats past, shall remain in the past. We have grown, we will be united in many ways, we will lead the nation one day.

Ameirul Azraie Bin Mustadza said...

haha..for sure we NEED to enjoy the water balloons so much..but u guys are really cool.never thought yg u guys form5'2000 sempoi abis..just prefect board je la cm sial sket.hehe.